"Update!" Program

Due to high demand this year, we are currently
NOT able to offer any Financial Assistance at this time.*

Do you need support updating your legal documents to better match your identity?

Our “Update!” program is here to assist Trans and Nonbinary people do just that! Currently, we offer start-to-finish assistance with legal Name Change updates, and information regarding other legal documents like Social Security, Drivers License, Birth Certificate, and Passport.

We provide guidance, advocacy, legal assistance, and financial support (pending). The program is now primarily provided on a one-on-one basis in-office or virtually. 

To be eligible, you must:

  1. Be a Trans or Nonbinary person
    (Parents or guardians of a Trans or Nonbinary minor, or someone assisting a Trans or Nonbinary person, may fill out this application on their behalf.)
  2. Have lived in KENT COUNTY, MI, for one year or longer.
    (You may still access this program/information if you have lived in Kent County for less than one year, but will be unable to submit your initial paperwork to the court until your one-year mark.)

Applicant info will be kept confidential.

Again, please take note that we are not currently able to offer any Financial Assistance at this time. If you fill out this application, you will be placed on a “first come, first serve” waiting list. If you do not need any financial support, we can still provide you with guidance around the process. 

* Our 2023 Budget allocated $20,000 in direct support for Trans Name Changes. Since January 2023, we’ve completed 27 Name Changes and are in-process with 55 more. We’ve determined that by the time these 55 make to the end of their process, our entire allocation will be depleted. We are looking into alternate sources of funding currently.


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