We were founded in December 2015 as a Grand Rapids, Michigan-based 501(c)(3) foundation.

We are here to remove barriers and build equity for our local Trans community through substantial academic scholarships, assisting with legal document updates, and focusing on individuals who are experiencing financial barriers to resources.

We are dedicated to removing obstacles that hold our Trans community back and to affirming the enormous potential of our community.

We stand in solidarity with the Trans community. Trans folks shouldn’t have to fight to survive. Help us level the playing field.

Our Mission

is to create opportunities for the Grand Rapids Trans community.

Why we exist

National statistics show that Transgender people face incredible challenges in the US, including much higher rates of family rejection, discrimination, assault, violence, depression, suicide, poverty, and homelessness.

Unemployment rates are twice that of the general population. Trans people are four times as likely to be living under $10,000 annually.

Our organization believes that by removing some financial barriers to quality education and fully updated legal documents, we can help reduce these rates and build Trans equity in our community.


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