Our People

A group photo of the Board of Directors, including Finn, Esperanza, Alexander, Liam, and Ximón.

Board of Directors

Liam Bailey

Photo of Esperanza, leaning against a white brick wall. She is caramel-skinned person with short styled hair, wearing a short-sleeved black dress with a white collar, and a black leather jacket draped over her shoulder. She smiles gently.

Esperanza Asterión
They/Them, She/Her

Finn Marcks
They/Them, He/Him

Photo of Alexander, seated. He is a caramel-skinned person with a round face and dimples, with shoulder-length straight hair dyed dark red, wearing a black shirt and a black jacket. He smiles widely.

Alexander Yaluk

A photograph of Nicholette Driggs (she/her). She wears a flowing long-sleeve v-neck white blouse with shimmery gold speckles, topped with a simple black vest. Her long brown hair is pulled up into a flat bun. She wears shimmery cat-eye glasses, and has two dangle earrings that consists of multiple loops of pearls.

Nicholette Driggs


Photo of Ximón leaning against a white brick wall. They are a tall light-skinned person with glasses, a short-trimmed beard, and have a small bouffant with shaved sides, wearing a purple floral ruffled shirt with a black leather jacket over top. They smile widely..

Ximón Kittok
Executive Director

Gage Touko Keränen
Administrative Support Professional
He/Him, They/Them