Grand Rapids Trans Foundation (GRTF) is committed to being an anti-oppression organization that works to create a more equitable and just Grand Rapids. We stand firmly in the principles of Justice, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and believe in an intersectional approach to addressing systems of oppression. GRTF is fundamentally committed to the process of becoming an anti-racist nonprofit organization, strongly believing in the need to dismantle the systems of white supremacy and anti-Blackness, and address the historic and ongoing harm of systemic and interpersonal racism on communities of color.

GRTF is committed to anti-racist analysis of policies, operations, fundraising, spending, programming, and staffing practices, in conjunction with an equity lens aimed at creating a culture that highly values and esteems diverse leadership with identities that represent our Grand Rapids’ Trans community. As an institution we will continue to ally ourselves with organizations and businesses that are also committed to anti-racism and we commit to using our power and position to hold other organizations accountable to the extent we are able. 

Internally, GRTF is committed to building a diverse base of staff and volunteers who are educated about the diverse identities and cultures of our community, as well as invested in individual cultural humility. As we grow, this organization is committed to building out hiring and recruitment practices and a workplace culture that ensures a diverse, multi-racial staff and board. Additionally, we will continue to use an equity lens to review our policies and operations on an ongoing basis, to ensure we remain accountable to our commitment. 

As we grow, we will also explore avenues for community input and accountability like Equity Review Boards that harness the lived experience and subject matter expertise of those with diverse identities in our community, especially Black and Latine members of our Trans community.